How to Get What You Want … Think Like a Dog

Dog, cats, horses. Any creatures that live with us humans for any length of time eventually learn how to push our buttons. Make no mistake, they are manipulative and they know what they are doing. But this isn’t the primary way they get what they want. Because, let’s face it, humans can be obstinate andContinue reading “How to Get What You Want … Think Like a Dog”

How to Know When Enough is Enough and when Enough is Too Much

I’m not talking about the Pandemic or the brouhaha over health care reform and other large things. Because, let’s face it, the big things are usually self-limiting. The Pandemic can only go on for so long. And they’re probably never really going to reform health care. I’m talking about the little things we have toContinue reading “How to Know When Enough is Enough and when Enough is Too Much”

Winter’s Last Hurrah … Hopefully

Moving to Wyoming from the higher elevations of Arizona didn’t require that we make too many adjustments to our regular routines. Yes, the winter was colder. Yes, it snowed more often. Yes, our heating bills have been higher. But all in all, we’ve all (including our dog Maddie) weathered it well. There were two things,Continue reading “Winter’s Last Hurrah … Hopefully”

Things I Don’t Understand, Part Three

Is French Toast Really French? According to legend, it was created by a man named Joseph French. But it is known by a variety of names including German toast, eggy bread, French-fried bread, gypsy toast, Poor Knights of Windsor, Spanish toast, nun’s toast, and pain perdu which means “lost bread” in French. So it seemsContinue reading “Things I Don’t Understand, Part Three”

In Praise of the Puff

I’ve been crocheting for what seems like most of my life. That sort of sounds like I mean non-stop crocheting. I don’t. There have been a myriad of distinct projects with time in between where I don’t crochet at all. Really.  Crochet is not my life. Really. I taught myself to crochet when I wasContinue reading “In Praise of the Puff”