Granite Dells, Prescott, Arizona

I love rocks … just about any kind of rocks. And the bigger the better. When we first moved to the Tri-City area (now the Quad-City area of Prescott, Chino Valley, Prescott Valley and Dewey-Humboldt), people would tell me about the Granite Dells and Watson Lake. So that was one of our first forays. It’sContinue reading “Granite Dells, Prescott, Arizona”

Weird Words, Part 6

Finagle I am hoping, really hoping, that quite a few of you use this word regularly. Hopefully, too, it isn’t just the over-the-hill crowd who uses it. I frequently think that my use of such words dates me. I mean I don’t look over-the-hill yet, right? Oh well, give it up Dianne. It’s a lostContinue reading “Weird Words, Part 6”

A Feast for the Body and Mind

Have you ever been to Sedona, Arizona? If you haven’t, you really need to go. Nestled in the Red Rock Country of Arizona with Oak Creek running through the middle of it, Sedona, Arizona is something you wouldn’t want to miss on your visit to Arizona. Sometimes called the Little Grand Canyon, Oak Creek CanyonContinue reading “A Feast for the Body and Mind”

My Predictions for 2020

We are fast approaching the end of another year. It is amazing how quickly time flies. People are beginning to ask the usual question: What do you think the New Year will bring? I’ve made a few predictions; none of which should actually be taken seriously.               January 1, 2020, 12:01:01 a.m., Wednesday I will beContinue reading “My Predictions for 2020”

What we take for Granted (or how we just don't see it anymore)

I was sitting at the computer and talking with my husband, Bernd, the other day when the trash can to the left of me caught my attention. You can never know what will start me thinking. More particularly, it was the trash can liner that got me going. Trash can liners. Wow. Now there isContinue reading “What we take for Granted (or how we just don't see it anymore)”