Was my Grandmother a Tart?

With the arrival of spring, the weeds are popping up all over where I live. We have a lot of different kinds of grasses. Some of the blades are fairly wide. For some reason or other, I was reminded of how you can take a blade of grass, stretch it between your thumbs and thenContinue reading “Was my Grandmother a Tart?”

It’s so Frustrating

Quite some time ago, Costco stopped carrying their huge cans of tomato puree. The can was so large that I only needed the one can in order to make five one-quart jars of spaghetti sauce. I have so many food allergies that I can’t buy ready-made spaghetti sauce. Well, actually, for the most part IContinue reading “It’s so Frustrating”

What to do in the Days to Come

I wrote about hard choices yesterday. It was prompted by a scenario that is unlikely to ever happen to me. Thank goodness. But I thought the whole issue of hard choices was very appropriate to the current situation. I’ve asked myself what I would do if I thought someone near me might be sick withContinue reading “What to do in the Days to Come”

Things I Just don’t Understand, Part 2

Handicapped License Plates First let me say, I understand the need for these in certain situations. Someone confined to a wheelchair will need more space to get into and out of a vehicle so providing a parking space that is larger than most is a good thing. Also, someone who needs supplementation from an oxygenContinue reading “Things I Just don’t Understand, Part 2”