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Heading home after hiking north of Flagstaff and couldn’t resist the whole rainbow hat thing

I can be a bit crazy at times. You’d think that at my age (I’m not disclosing … sorry), I’d be over all that. But sometimes, I get an idea about something that won’t let me go. There was this one disastrous trip to New Mexico as a result of a certain madness. My husband was such a trooper. We hope never to repeat that again, despite the beauty of New Mexico.

Back to the crazy. I like to write. Writing helps me to make sense of the crazy. It helps me to accept that part of me that refuses to be rational no matter what the other 93% of me might think. And to be quite honest, I think it is the crazy that fuels my creativity. So I’ve learned to live with it. Presumably, so has my husband because we are still together after all these years. Again, I’m not disclosing.

I’ve been writing all my life. It’s taken many forms. Why I thought I could write an entire novel, I could never quite understand. But the crazy got a hold of me and I did it. And I’m doing it again.

I thought my first would also be my last, but before I knew it, I was working on the sequel. Golly. Plus, I have a number of other books I am compiling from short stories I’ve written and also poetry. Keeps me very busy.

I have a lot of words inside of me just waiting to get out. It’s a joy and a burden. Well, actually, mostly it’s a joy.

Besides writing, I also enjoy crocheting. I’ve crocheted so many different things over the years that I’ve lost count. Truthfully though, I was never really counting. I’ve crocheted the really big (a queen-sized bedspread) to the really tiny (a pouch for a single gemstone) and everything in between. Currently, I’ve been making scarves. You do not want to know how many scarves I have in boxes. I give them away, but not nearly fast enough.

I also enjoy cooking. I wasn’t very good at it until I developed a number of serious food allergies. As a result, if I wanted tasty food, I had to make it myself. So I had no choice but to become a better cook. My husband has benefited greatly from my food allergies. Mom always said every dark cloud has a silver lining.

We have a dog named Maddie. She is a rescue and she came with the name. I’m fairly passionate about rescuing animals as opposed to buying pups and kits. I enjoy having a little fur baby in the house. I grew up with dogs (by this I do not mean “raised by,” I am quite well civilized) and have always needed a little four-legged person to help me get through the day, keep me company and just plain liven things up.

I like walking and hiking. We don’t have much time these days for the latter. But I get in plenty of walking with Maddie. Although, the summer heat can limit us to only one walk in the morning. We moved from Arizona to Wyoming and the summer isn’t quite as hot, but it’s still hot enough to make little doggie feet uncomfortable. But we have a fenced yard now and she spends a lot of time out there watching squirrels and birds and dreaming about catching them.

I’m a bit of a nerd in a lot of ways. I enjoy learning new things. Pretty much all the time. I think the Internet is great; so much information at your fingertips. I also enjoy putting jigsaw puzzles together. Thankfully, my husband enjoys it also. Although probably not as much as I do. I also like solving Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

I enjoy making jewelry. I’m an excellent stringer. I can wrap wire with the best of them. And silver soldering is a particular passion. There is nothing that compares to putting flame to metal. Pounding on metal is pretty satisfying as well, so I do some cold forging now and then. I’ve learned how to cut and polish cabochons from agate and petrified wood, jaspers of all kinds and even some mammoth ivory.

I love to read. I’m willing to bet that every author reads a lot. There really isn’t much more to be said about that.

I have a confession to make. Once, jokingly, my husband asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. That I was fairly well grown up at the time (in age if not in stature) made me smile. I thought about it for a moment and answered that I wanted to be a Jedi Knight. He told me I’d have to practice mindfulness if I wanted to ever get there. I’ve given it a lot of practice. If you asked my husband if he thought I was mindful, he’d probably answer in the affirmative. I’m pretty sure I’ll never make use of the force, but it doesn’t stop me trying. I figure it can’t hurt and you never know.

Some Awesome Quotes

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

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