The Many Misadventures of Tall Guy and Short Gal

About the Book

I started writing these misadventures probably 13 years ago. They are stand-alone short stories about the trials and tribulations of a happily married couple named Tall Guy and Short Gal. I recently decided to compile them into a book format.

The stories cover a fairly large span of time from when they were just getting to know each other and  before Tall Guy and Short Gal were married to much more recently.

I’ve struggled with whether or not to include a note explaining that these stories are based on things that actually happened to my husband and me. And beyond whether or not to include such a note is the issue of whether to put it at the beginning of the novella (it might just accrue enough words to be considered a novel) or at the end. Would it be more entertaining to know up front that these are real life experiences? Or would it be more dramatic to make the revelation at the end. Then there is the larger question … would anyone other than my husband and me find them to be amusing and entertaining?

I’ve taken a fair amount of literary license with the retellings, but not as much as you might imagine were you to read them. Bernd and I can get ourselves into some pretty good messes from time to time.  And the dialogues between Tall Guy and Short Gal are much as they actually happened.

It’s a love story of sorts. But not as you might usually encounter a love story. And that’s only fitting because Tall Guy and Short Gal are themselves a bit odd.

I have maybe one more misadventure to write about. I wrote it up some years ago for inclusion in my memoir (as if anyone would ever want to read that) and I will use that as the basis since my current memory of those two days might not be all that accurate anymore. It happened about 27 years ago.

Because I am so close to finishing the manuscript, I decided to get started setting it up on Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s a bit exciting to start putting the actual book together and also a bit frightening. I’ve done this twice already and can’t seem to let go of the fear and just focus on the excitement. Maybe by the tenth book, I’ll get that all figured out. If, that is, I have ten books in me. Hard to know such a thing in advance.

So anyway, stay tuned for more news about “The Many Misadventures of Tall Guy and Short Gal.”

Posted September 12, 2020

It’s done. Well as done as it can be at this point. What I mean is, it’s ready for my first readers to read it. I hope. It ended up longer than I had hoped it might. So I think it just barely qualifies to be a novel. I’m going with that.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited. I always get excited at this point. Then, later, comes the anxiety. I’m laughing at myself.

I’ve already started setting it up on Kindle Direct Publishing. I’ve designed the cover and worked on what I hope is a smoking book description for the Amazon page.

While my readers are going through the book and pointing out to me all the blatant errors that I have somehow missed in my many re-readings, I will be moving on to the next project: finally finishing the sequel to “Millie’s Adventures in Time.”

It’s high time we found out what our intrepid Millie and all her friends have been up to.

Posted August 11, 2020

I have made a good start on the additional chapter I mentioned above. It might turn out to be a fairly long story altogether. So there is a good chance this book will qualify as a novel.

I’ll keep you posted as to my progress with it.

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