Daria’s Tale

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About the Book

I started writing this novel not as a novel. It began as a series of short stories that I intended could stand alone. But as I got into the story more and more, I realized I was writing about changes in my life just as much as I was writing about changes in Daria’s life.

So, it’s filled with hard-won truths and realizations and knowledge gained throughout a life filled with discovering the real me.

I’ve drawn inspiration from all those around me. And in particular, from my sister, who is wise beyond her years.

Daria is a middle-aged housewife. She married her husband, Louie, straight out of high school. She’s never done anything other than taking care of a house, a yard, and a husband.

But now, Daria finds herself wanting more out of life. She is so distraught with the thought that this is all there is and all there will ever be, that she makes a fairly drastic decision.

She had made up her mind about a time and place and had gone there. But she was stopped before she could begin by a stranger, a young man named Andrew, and the implied promise of another way.

This is the story of Daria’s journey to enlightenment and a life more full of joy and discovery than she had ever imagine she might have.

Posted October 31, 2021

I did it. I finished the proofreading and editing. I uploaded the new and improved manuscript. I checked it all over and I hit the publish button.

The books, paperback and eBook, went live yesterday and are available on Amazon.

I don’t care how many times I might finally end up doing this, I think it will be exciting and frightening every time.

Okay, it’s on to the next thing.

Posted October 27, 2021

I just finished reading the proof copy of “Daria’s Tale.” It’s very exciting. Or it would be if I didn’t still have a lot of work ahead of me.

The next step is to make all the corrections and all the edits that I wrote into the proof copy. Then comes the repeated uploading of the manuscript until it is as right as I can make it.

I will have to go over all the information I entered about the book including the blurb for the book’s page on Amazon. I have a quote from the one other person to have read it in its entirety that I would like to add to the blurb.

I don’t know that I will finish all of it before the end of this month. But it is beginning to look as if I might. So the book should be available for purchase at the beginning of November.

I’m so excited. And scared. But mostly excited.

Posted October 12, 2021

I finished writing the book a few days ago. At least I think I finished it. One can never be 100% certain about these things.

I completed the first edit of the digital manuscript yesterday. I found a few typos and missing words. Some wrong words too. But there are probably more fixes in the book’s future.

Next step is to upload the manuscript to Kindle Direct Publishing and then go through that digital copy for translation problems.

After that’s completed, I can order the proof copies. Then comes the really hard work of going through it page by page and making sure it reads just the way I want it to.

If everything goes well, I should have it published within another month.

Wish me luck.

Posted September 29, 2021

I’ve been working furiously on this book since I last published an update here. I’ve had a health issue crop up and find it hard to do much other than sit, so it has worked out well in that regard … that I have something to do with my mind while it is hard to do anything with my body.

The book is a few hundred words shy of qualifying as a novel by word count. But more importantly than that, I’ve covered some topics that are significant to me.

I still have no idea how it will all turn out for Daria and Louie. For sure, Louie is not very happy right now. Daria is learning just how strong she really is. So I have a great deal of hope for Daria. Louie, on the other hand, can just go suck eggs. šŸ™‚

Posted September 9, 2021

I’ve begun working on this novel again. I’ve actually written several chapters in the last few days.

But first, I’ve had to, and still must continue to, refamiliarize myself with the story and the characters. Sadly, It’s been a long time since I last visited with Daria and her husband and her new-found friends.

I’ll keep you updated as things progress. I’m hoping they progress swiftly.

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