The Alien Visitation Chronicle

About the Book

This book is really more of a novelette. It will probably be fewer than 100 pages. And yes, it’s the word count that determines whether a book is a novel (40,000+), novella (17,500 – 40,000), or a novelette (7,500 – 17,500). I looked it up, and the Internet never lies. Right? (It’s starting to look like it might make it into the novella range. Hope that’s a good thing.)

It began as a couple of short stories. The first one, Weird and Weirder, just sort of popped into my head and practically wrote itself. A second one followed quite quickly and I had a theme for them to continue.

So what I have going is more or less an anthology (I do not personally care all that much for anthologies), but is a little different in that all the stories relate to each other and build on the previous. Hence the “chronicle” in the title.

I am tentatively sub-titling it: A Humorous Look at the Possibilities. But “amusing” might be a better word than “humorous.” My sense of humor, while fairly well-developed, is a bit off the beaten track. Or so I’ve been told. More than once.

Because I always seem to underestimate the time it will take me to accomplish something even though I have a rule that everything will take three times longer than I think it will, this book will probably not be published until some time early 2020.

That’s all for now. Check in later for more.

Posted February 11, 2020

I am so close to finishing the first draft. It’s just that every time I write a new chapter, something happens in it to extend the novel ever further. But I hope to have it finished in one or two more chapters. Wendy and Darren are finally starting to get some enjoyment out of their situation (well maybe not Darren as much as Wendy) and I’d hate to shut them down just when they are starting to have a little fun.

Even so, I do need to finish it so that I can get back to work on the sequel to Millie’s Adventures in Time.

Oh. That tentative end of February deadline for publication that I set for myself … well I might not make it. But it’s better to turn out a well-finished product than something that is slap dash.

Posted February 5, 2020

I have just about finished writing “The Alien Visitation Chronicle.” I can’t believe it. Mainly because it grew to be much larger than I originally thought that it would.

I probably have only two or so chapters to go. One of them will be more of an epilogue.

But of course, after the writing is finished there is the proof reading and editing still to be done. And getting my husband to read it. Actually, he liked Part One so well that he’s anticipating reading the finished draft. He’ll help with the proofing.

I’ve already set up the cover, trim size for the paperback and font, etc. on KDP. But I still have to work up a smoking hot book description. For my previously published novel, “Millie’s Adventures in Time,” writing the description probably took me several months of tweaking before I was happy with it. I did that in conjunction with formatting the novel for publication.

I started work on the description for Chronicle a while ago and came up with something I thought was good enough for the back cover of the book, but maybe not great enough for the book’s page on Amazon. So I will continue to work on that.

Anyway, my hope is to have it available for purchase before the end of February.

Posted January 20, 2020

Wow! I am having so much fun working on this novel. I found my inspiration again and the words have just been tumbling out of me.

My initial estimate of its length is now way off. It might actually reach 200 pages when its finished.

I’ve dropped the subtitle. It was my husband’s idea to change it. I couldn’t think of a good way to change it so I dropped it altogether. His thought was that most people who read science fiction are not really looking for humor. And it is humorous in a wry sort of fashion which seems to be the only way I know to do it. But he thought that might not play well from an advertising point of view.

Wendy and Darren, the protagonists, are finally getting a handle on their predicament, which is nice. One always wants things to turn out positively. I can’t say for absolute certain that it will. But I have hopes.

Posted January 2, 2020

I didn’t do much writing over the recent holidays. My husband, Bernd, had a lot of extra days off and I reveled in his greater presence. He still works a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and we don’t always get to see a lot of each other.

And also, I was stymied for exactly where to go next with the Chronicle. But yesterday I sat down to flesh out a small idea I’d had in the middle of the night while I was sitting up with a bad attack of acid reflux. I blame the antibiotic I was taking for the tooth that was pulled for the attack of GERD. Stress is the usual blame and I haven’t been feeling stressed lately. At least I don’t think so. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell.

At any rate, I’ve found my direction again and hope to have more words appear on the monitor soon.

Posted December 18, 2019

So … Looks like the book will be more than 100 pages after all. Though it’s final length cannot be predicted. It will end when it ends. Sometimes I think I have no real control over these things. Sometimes, it seems that the book writes itself. I often wonder if it is like that for a lot of authors.

In any event, I have put off working on the sequel to “Millie’s Adventures in Time” in favor of working on this. I find it, at this time, to be more full-filling, less stressful and just a lot of fun.

But … It will not get published as soon as I thought it might. I hope it will be worth waiting for.

Posted December 4, 2019

My biggest fan and most ardent supporter has read the first draft of The Alien Visitation Chronicle. Yes. It is my husband, Bernd. He pronounced it amusing and entertaining. He also said it was too short. He wanted more. One of my worries was that it is too short and might leave readers unsatisfied.

So I am considering making what I have so far into Part One and then writing some stories to put into a Part Two. Bernd provided me with the perfect idea for how to continue with the chronicle.

Now I just have to figure out how to implement it. And, at the same time, continue to work on the sequel to Millie’s Adventures in Time. Keeps me busy. That’s for sure.

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