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If you are like me, you don’t consider yourself to be just a writer. You are a whole host of other things as well. We are Moms, dads, cooks, wage earners, retired, hobbyists, you name it. We are all so many things in our daily lives that it beggars the imagination.

What I am not is an IT professional. About 12 years ago when I first had a blog to promote my website from which I hoped to sell lots of my one-of-a-kind jewelry creations (sadly that didn’t happen), it was simple. You went to WordPress, decided on a name, followed a few easy to understand steps, and voila! You had a blog. It was free (well, it still can be), pretty basic and only slightly customizable. That latter might have been more due to my lack of knowledge than anything else.

It appears that it is not that easy these days. You have to buy the domain name for your blog as if it were a website. If you don’t buy it from the host of your blog (which unfortunately I did not), that creates a set of issues you need to overcome. I overcame them (mostly by starting completely over), large headache later, and here I am.

Sadly, this is not a tutorial about how to accomplish what is needed. You can find plenty of more or less understandable information about this online. I know this firsthand. Alas. What this is, is more of a rant and possibly not the best way to launch a new blog site.

I can write. I love to write. The writing comes fairly easily to me. I wish that were true of dealing with modern technology.

In any case, I’d like to introduce you to my new blog. In the days to come I will discuss my novel and it’s soon to be completed sequel. There are also a couple other books I am compiling from short stories and poems. But I won’t limit myself to just writing about writing or my own books. I want to write about life and the living of it. I want to write about dreams and aspirations. I want to write about what makes us tick, what delights us, and what could be better in the world. But also what’s right with the world.

I have a lot to say. Who doesn’t? So let’s get started. And thanks for stopping by.

  • Rules

    November 20, 2019 by

    I have a lot of rules. My husband, Bernd, is always telling me this. I can’t argue with him. Over the years, I’ve found he’s usually right in his assessments of me. Dang. My rules are mainly for me and my behavior. But they do spill over onto other people. That’s usually when Bernd says… Read more

  • Talking with Myself

    November 19, 2019 by

    Do you ever talk to yourself? I think that we all do from time to time and maybe more than we realize. Do you find yourself saying things like “Come on, girl, you’ve got a deadline,” “Oh man, I’m really running late,” or “Why did I just say that,” throughout your day? But have you… Read more

  • Weird Words 3

    November 18, 2019 by

    SnookiepĆ¼ppchen I admit right now that is not a real word. It’s something my husband made up. He’s always coming up with strange and supposedly endearing things to call me. This one is a combination of “snookie” or “snookums” and “pĆ¼ppchen.” The latter is German for “little doll.” I can understand “sweetie” and “cupcake” and… Read more

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