Aren’t Hardly

Courtesy of Shutterstock This morning, I caught myself saying “Today there aren’t hardly as many crows as yesterday.” And I wondered where “hardly” came from. Like saying “Do you prefer these ones or those ones?” the word “hardly” is akin to the word “ones.” It’s totally unnecessary. I could make a case that “hardly” inContinue reading “Aren’t Hardly”

The Cynical Optimist

Courtesy of BrainyQuote. While looking for good images to include here, I encountered a lot of quotes and images that seemed to indicate that cynicism is akin to prejudice and bias and a very negative thing. The above quote is more how I feel about it. It’s a tool. “The Cynical Optimist” seems like itContinue reading “The Cynical Optimist”

A Bother and a Burden

I believe that there are three things that every living creature deserves: contentment, health and comfort. Yes, it sounds like entitlement until you take it apart a little further and acknowledge that what each individual needs in order to have these things is very different. And, in my opinion, entitlement is a matter of degreesContinue reading “A Bother and a Burden”

Daylight Saving Time

The state of Arizona ignores Daylight Saving Time (so does Hawaii and the various U.S. territories). So, with the exception of the Navajo Nation, Arizona stays on standard time year round. We lived in Arizona for about 28 years and really appreciated not having to leap forward and fall back every year. We got reallyContinue reading “Daylight Saving Time”