Inspire, Promote, Encourage, Sing!

There is no doubt that songs can be inspirational. Songs are written about all manner of things and because words put to music are often easier to remember than otherwise, songs have been used through the ages to teach and inform as well as sell and influence and even warn. A national anthem tells theContinue reading “Inspire, Promote, Encourage, Sing!”

Things I Just don't Understand, Part One

Bath Tissue “If I put bath tissue on the shopping list, will you know which kind to get?” My husband, Bernd, actually said that to me. Me. Just who does he thinks does all the shopping around here? The Shopping Fairy? Why wouldn’t I know what kind to get? But that’s not what I don’tContinue reading “Things I Just don't Understand, Part One”

Common Misconceptions, Part One

In my ongoing efforts to educate and delight, I thought I might start a new series. Also, series of these sorts are handy to have around when you don’t really have anything truly amazing to write about (this statement predisposes that I sometimes do). In other places and at other times, I’ve written copiously aboutContinue reading “Common Misconceptions, Part One”

You Can't Legislate Away Stupidity

Do you ever wonder what’s next? I do. I have read reports that a significant number of emergency room visits are due to individuals taking over-the-counter medicines that contain acetaminophen and then also taking acetaminophen by itself. The overdoses were the cause of the emergency room visits and led to death in a number ofContinue reading “You Can't Legislate Away Stupidity”

I Don't Watch the News

Some years ago now, we cancelled our cable television subscription. We did not replace it with any other kind of reception. At the time, we had dumb phones, so there was no watching of old TV show (my husband’s current favorite is The Rifleman), or YouTube videos (I like amusing cat and dog videos). CancellingContinue reading “I Don't Watch the News”

Do Not Try to Sit on Your Coke Bottle

Have you ever wondered what engendered some of the seemingly ridiculous warnings and precautions in instruction manuals? Every time I buy something new and read through the instruction manual, I have to shake my head. Mostly I imagine they are occasioned by the American tendency to sue anyone and everyone else for their own stupidity.Continue reading “Do Not Try to Sit on Your Coke Bottle”

Revenge at What Cost

My husband works at an eye care facility. He’s been there for about nine years and he’s done the same work for over 20 years. He’s a dispensing optician; the person you see after your exam. He helps people select frames that will work with their prescription, shape of head and face, and also withContinue reading “Revenge at What Cost”

Dietary Supplements are Good for Only One Thing

And that’s giving you very expensive pee. I’ve heard that a lot over the years and chose to ignore it. I’ve been an advocate of dietary supplements for many, many years. I always figured they couldn’t hurt and they just might help. But that is maybe not the case. Recent research is beginning to showContinue reading “Dietary Supplements are Good for Only One Thing”