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Writing is, for the most part, a solitary endeavor.

To a certain extent, one needs a quiet place with few distractions. For there are times when the ideas are flowing so fast that your fingers can barely keep up and to be disturbed would be to lose those ideas.

And yet, no author can write in a vacuum. It is the world around us that inspires us. Shut yourself away for too long from the world and you effectively shut yourself away from yourself.

It’s all about balance.

Inspiring Writing Quotes for NaNoWriMo Authors

Published by Dianne Lehmann

I'm a writer. But I'm also a wife and a mom to a couple of fur babies. You could call me a cook (but never a chef, I'm not that good) and provisioner as well. Laundress? Yeah. Probably. I design jewelry and I crochet. But mostly I love to write. I love words and how they sound. I love their meanings and origins. I love stringing them together. And of course, I love to read. Thinking about it just now, I realize that what I love most is life and the people around me with a special place set aside for my wonderful husband, our adorable dog and our inscrutable cat. It's the world and the people in it that fuels my writing. So thanks to you all for being the amazing beings that you are.

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