Aren’t Hardly

Courtesy of Shutterstock This morning, I caught myself saying “Today there aren’t hardly as many crows as yesterday.” And I wondered where “hardly” came from. Like saying “Do you prefer these ones or those ones?” the word “hardly” is akin to the word “ones.” It’s totally unnecessary. I could make a case that “hardly” inContinue reading “Aren’t Hardly”

Weird Words 3

SnookiepĆ¼ppchen I admit right now that is not a real word. It’s something my husband made up. He’s always coming up with strange and supposedly endearing things to call me. This one is a combination of “snookie” or “snookums” and “pĆ¼ppchen.” The latter is German for “little doll.” I can understand “sweetie” and “cupcake” andContinue reading “Weird Words 3”

Weird Words

It’s said that the English language might possibly have more words in it than any other comparable world language. People are always qualifying things and I have no idea what might be meant by comparable. Unless they mean a marginally (qualifier) related language like German or Dutch. In any case, most accounts put the numberContinue reading “Weird Words”