Common Misconceptions, Part Four

Courtesy of the Encyclopedia Britannica Bulls are Enraged by the Color Red Do you remember school field trips? Do they still do those? Or is the educational system in most districts so strapped for cash that field trips are a thing of the past? Or is it considered too dangerous? I remember field trips. IContinue reading “Common Misconceptions, Part Four”

Common Misconceptions, Part Three

The Dark Side of the Moon When I was very young, I wondered why we saw only one side of the moon. I was a little odd. Still am. I set about finding the answer to that question. We didn’t have the Internet at that time. Our family didn’t even have an encyclopedia set. AndContinue reading “Common Misconceptions, Part Three”

Common Misconceptions, Part Two

Napoleon was Vertically Challenged I used to find solace in the fact that someone so short could still have such a profound effect on history. My God! The man practically invented canned food. Well, not literally. But he did set things in motion that eventually led to the canning of all sorts of foods. I,Continue reading “Common Misconceptions, Part Two”

Common Misconceptions, Part One

In my ongoing efforts to educate and delight, I thought I might start a new series. Also, series of these sorts are handy to have around when you don’t really have anything truly amazing to write about (this statement predisposes that I sometimes do). In other places and at other times, I’ve written copiously aboutContinue reading “Common Misconceptions, Part One”