Nobody Told Us: Frozen Waste Pipes

EcoClean We are accustomed to cold winters. We lived for almost 28 years in the higher elevations of Arizona. Temperatures could dip into the single digits in the winter and we would get snow. But we never had a waste pipe freeze. We never had to do anything special to keep them from freezing. Didn’tContinue reading “Nobody Told Us: Frozen Waste Pipes”

How to Really Learn Something

“The person who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it usually does not know what he thinks.” — Mortimer Adler When I was in high school, I took a number of science related courses. They were hard. The information I needed to take in was huge. The concepts were sometimes alien. ButContinue reading “How to Really Learn Something”

Things I Have Learned

For the most part, a lot of the things I’ve learned over the years have been the source of a great deal of retrospective chagrin. I also laugh about a lot of them now, but at the time maybe not so much. I’ve compiled a bunch of them for the last chapter in my memoir.Continue reading “Things I Have Learned”