Weird Words, Part 6

Finagle I am hoping, really hoping, that quite a few of you use this word regularly. Hopefully, too, it isn’t just the over-the-hill crowd who uses it. I frequently think that my use of such words dates me. I mean I don’t look over-the-hill yet, right? Oh well, give it up Dianne. It’s a lostContinue reading “Weird Words, Part 6”

Charity Goes to a Party: An Exercise in Character Development

Every now and then when I was still writing content for a website, I would get an assignment. What follows is the result of one of them. I’ve dusted it off and looked at it again and realized it was a very good lesson. I’ll explain at the end. Charity didn’t have a clue whatContinue reading “Charity Goes to a Party: An Exercise in Character Development”

Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

My husband, Bernd, recently started reading the sequel to “Millie’s Adventures in Time.” At least what I have written of it so far, which is actually quite a bit; something close to 80,000 words. Bernd is a good person to read the sequel because his memory for what he has read is not really allContinue reading “Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite”

The Adventures of Millie Continue

I had suspended working on the sequel to “Millie’s Adventures in Time” while I was getting said title published. It took longer than I thought to accomplish that once I decided to go forward with self-publishing and drop the search for an agent. So recently, I reread everything that I had written so far onContinue reading “The Adventures of Millie Continue”

A Million Miles per Hour

Wind. Winding up like a batter about to swing. Then smashing the ball to oblivion and gone. Wind. Slamming into the house and rattling the windows. Howling around the eaves and whistling through the cracks. Think your house is sealed up tight. Wind will tell you. Wind. Spinning up like a motor bent on overload.Continue reading “A Million Miles per Hour”