Waiting for the Hot Water

Every morning before dispensing my supplements, I wash my hands. I’ve rubbed our cat’s belly, given the dog a good scratching all over to help her wake up. Maybe I’ve cleaned the litter box. Often, just as I am about to wash my hands, Bernd is ready for our good-bye kiss ritual and wants meContinue reading “Waiting for the Hot Water”

Practical Jokes and the Need to Laugh

Both my parents loved practical jokes. My mother told me that once she sewed shut the flies in all of my dad’s underwear. Apparently, he was not very amused, but she laughed and laughed. My parents played practical jokes on me and my sister when we were still very young and not really able toContinue reading “Practical Jokes and the Need to Laugh”

Things I Have Learned

For the most part, a lot of the things I’ve learned over the years have been the source of a great deal of retrospective chagrin. I also laugh about a lot of them now, but at the time maybe not so much. I’ve compiled a bunch of them for the last chapter in my memoir.Continue reading “Things I Have Learned”

Weird Words, Part 8

Hunky-dory That’s a word you don’t hear very often any more. I’ll call it a word and not a phrase because it is hyphenated. I’m not picking nits. It’s just that I like to make my article titles accurate and relevant to the body of the article. Really. Well, mostly anyway. Now, where was I?Continue reading “Weird Words, Part 8”

Beneath Certainty: Some Ramblings about Life in Dianne Land

Beneath certainty lies a very nastily tangled web of doubt. It seems to me that any rational person could not possibly be certain at all times about all things. And therein, as I see it, lays the problem. For me it is a large one. Mostly, I go about my life certain that I amContinue reading “Beneath Certainty: Some Ramblings about Life in Dianne Land”