Proofreading Your Own Work

Proofreading your own work is a colossal pain in the nether regions. If you are like me, you’ve already read every paragraph in your novel a dozen times or more. I might write a few paragraphs and then go back to where I started and read it from there to be certain that the paragraphsContinue reading “Proofreading Your Own Work”

Maybelle and Beezle

This story is based on another weirdly real dream that I had. Maybelle was in the front garden. Digging. That’s what Maybelle did whenever she had anything vexing on her mind. And by the energy of her digging, Maybelle was surely vexed. But the digging wasn’t helping like it usually did. There were now fiveContinue reading “Maybelle and Beezle”

500 Words or Less

When I first started writing professionally, I was asked to provide high-quality content that got the point across clearly and concisely. It was suggested that I keep my articles to 500 words or less. If you are reporting about a robbery (I never did) all you really need to do is answer the who-what-where-when-how-why questionsContinue reading “500 Words or Less”

Memoir vs Autobiography

Some years ago, I read an article in an AARP publication about writing a memoir. The takeaway was that the author thought everyone should write a memoir and that if you found it interesting, chances were that others would find it interesting too. I’m not certain that is always true, but decided to give itContinue reading “Memoir vs Autobiography”

Jigsaw Puzzle Mania

Jigsaw puzzles! Hoo boy. I get a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment from putting jigsaw puzzles together. Nerdish? Probably. My husband, Bernd, enjoys it also, but not nearly as much as I do. We’ve only recently begun doing jigsaw puzzles again. When we first moved to Arizona, we’d spend our evenings working on one together.Continue reading “Jigsaw Puzzle Mania”