Weird Words 3

Snookiepüppchen I admit right now that is not a real word. It’s something my husband made up. He’s always coming up with strange and supposedly endearing things to call me. This one is a combination of “snookie” or “snookums” and “püppchen.” The latter is German for “little doll.” I can understand “sweetie” and “cupcake” andContinue reading “Weird Words 3”

Formatting Your Own Novel

I have written about proofreading your own manuscript. It’s difficult and time consuming and often frustrating. Well, dang, formatting your own novel is all that to the tenth degree. All the articles I’ve read have recommended hiring someone to format it for you. Now I know why. On the other hand, I’ve learned more aboutContinue reading “Formatting Your Own Novel”

Book Review: Physics of the Impossible

I have a fairly eclectic taste in books, so this isn’t really an off-the-wall read for me. Plus, I was a science nerd for all of my years in the educational system, so when I saw this book and read a bit of the first chapter, I knew I had to have it. This bookContinue reading “Book Review: Physics of the Impossible”

Yin and Yang

Balance is important in everything you do. There’s that old saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It’s definitely true. Try to think of some action, thought or feeling that doesn’t have an opposite. Forward/backward, happy/sad, good/bad, there’s balance implied in all those couplings. It’s an integral part of livingContinue reading “Yin and Yang”