How to Know your Husband Loves You

Courtesy of Free Vector Art & Image It isn’t always easy to know the why of love. Why does someone love you, why do you love them back? I’ve thought for many years that love grows out of knowing someone well; that first comes attraction, then infatuation. Both of these work to keep two peopleContinue reading “How to Know your Husband Loves You”

Nobody Told Us: Projectile Car Ramps

Courtesy of Dragzine. Bernd’s car was white like this one but lifted higher in the back. The Chevy Nova of the time also looked a lot like the Chevy II, so it’s hard to be sure if this is actually the Chevy II. Years and years and years ago, when Bernd and I were firstContinue reading “Nobody Told Us: Projectile Car Ramps”

Nobody Told Us: Frozen Waste Pipes

EcoClean We are accustomed to cold winters. We lived for almost 28 years in the higher elevations of Arizona. Temperatures could dip into the single digits in the winter and we would get snow. But we never had a waste pipe freeze. We never had to do anything special to keep them from freezing. Didn’tContinue reading “Nobody Told Us: Frozen Waste Pipes”

Safe Winter Driving

In actuality, the safest thing to do when the snow is falling and the temperatures are below freezing is to just stay home. That was advice that I gave myself and planned on heeding in the future no matter what my husband, Bernd, might have to say. Because we had everything set up for ourContinue reading “Safe Winter Driving”