My Predictions for 2020

We are fast approaching the end of another year. It is amazing how quickly time flies. People are beginning to ask the usual question: What do you think the New Year will bring? I’ve made a few predictions; none of which should actually be taken seriously.               January 1, 2020, 12:01:01 a.m., Wednesday I will beContinue reading “My Predictions for 2020”

Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

My husband, Bernd, recently started reading the sequel to “Millie’s Adventures in Time.” At least what I have written of it so far, which is actually quite a bit; something close to 80,000 words. Bernd is a good person to read the sequel because his memory for what he has read is not really allContinue reading “Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite”

The Adventures of Millie Continue

I had suspended working on the sequel to “Millie’s Adventures in Time” while I was getting said title published. It took longer than I thought to accomplish that once I decided to go forward with self-publishing and drop the search for an agent. So recently, I reread everything that I had written so far onContinue reading “The Adventures of Millie Continue”

What we take for Granted (or how we just don’t see it anymore)

I was sitting at the computer and talking with my husband, Bernd, the other day when the trash can to the left of me caught my attention. You can never know what will start me thinking. More particularly, it was the trash can liner that got me going. Trash can liners. Wow. Now there isContinue reading “What we take for Granted (or how we just don’t see it anymore)”

A Million Miles per Hour

Wind. Winding up like a batter about to swing. Then smashing the ball to oblivion and gone. Wind. Slamming into the house and rattling the windows. Howling around the eaves and whistling through the cracks. Think your house is sealed up tight. Wind will tell you. Wind. Spinning up like a motor bent on overload.Continue reading “A Million Miles per Hour”

Heard it Through the Grapevine

“… opening another office,” said one of the employees she hadn’t met yet. A smallish woman with a bit of gray in her hair who looked to be in her mid-forties. Another employee, a bit younger than the former, she also did not yet know, who was standing at the water cooler said, “Really? IContinue reading “Heard it Through the Grapevine”